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Y3E One Lamp

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General Information

For energy efficient lighting especially in corridors and smaller offices.

Architectural specifications
Y3E clear acrylic
In a nominal 300mm x 1200mm with one 28 watt T5 lamp centered in the luminaire with the lamp centre 70mm above the bottom of the lens, minimum luminaire efficiency is 83%.

3.5mm lenses are 3.2mm 3.6mm thick with prestressed arch to span up to 305mm x 1220mm.Standard Sizes
310mm x 1600mm
310mm x 1220mm

Acrylic material used in Y3E
The acrylic used in Y3E prismatic lighting is 100% high molecular weight polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA) virgin material meeting grade requirements as set forth in table 2 of ASTM D-788-69a. It exceeds IES-NEMA-SPI standards for acrylic material by 100%. Under normal conditions these lenses will perform staisfactorily for 20 years.