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Y19 Prismatic Panel

General Info    Dimensions     1xT5 28W     2xT5 28W    128 1xT5 28W    1xT5 28W Internal Reflector    

General Info

A premium diffuser for quality lighting applications.

. Supermarkets
. Computer rooms
. Laboratories
. Schools and colleges
. Test and inspection areas
. Hospitals
. Radio frequency sensitive areas
. General offices

Y19 is the premier prismatic pattern. With a 4.7mm male prism running parallel and perpendicular to the length and width of the panel, Y19 provides good lamp cut-off to minimize lamp images and provide very low brightness at angles close to the horizontal.
Y19 Silver-Tint has a faint translucent tint that creates an elegant lighting effect. Y19 Silver-Tint produces lower brightness enclosure with improved visual comfort.
Y19's high degree of luminance control make it best suited for interiors involving more arduous visual tasks.

Acrylic material used in Y19 meets or exceeds recognised standards.
Under normal interior conditions these lenses will perform satisfactorily for 20 years.
Y19 is manufactured from 100% Acrylic (Polymethylmethacrylate). Flammability Rating-UL94 HB.

(Based on photometric tests)
. Light output ratio of 66%
. Typical unified glare rating of 17

Y19 is available in the following variations: Y19 Silver Tint, Y19 U.V. Absorbing, Y19 Radio Frequency Reducing.