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Solar Pool Heating

Solar Pool Heating

Branded absorber material has a 20 year guarantee and has the following advantages:Impervious to any chemical in any concentration used in pool water treatment
Has an estimated life of thirty to fifty years
Not affected by pH variations
Resistant to bird attack
On average has a 15% to 50 % denser collector area when compared to strip collectors
Does not have aerodynamic lift therefore is not glued to your roof
low friction loss therefore less wear and tear on the filtration system
Easily fixed to shade cloth

Automatic Control

An automatic temperature controller can be supplied if required. This allows you to set and forget the solar pool heater. When heat is available water is circulated through the system until a temperature drop automatically closes down the pump or opens a bypass valve.

Reduced heat barrier

The round thin walled design is both strong and durable. Yet it reduces the heat barrier which often occurs with odd shapes and thick materials.

Roof Re-radiation

The round section polypipe design allows stored energy to be radiated directly from the roof to the water channels.

Direct Solar Radiation

The round design provides optimum absorption characteristics, even as the sun moves overhead.

Direct Conduction

Transfer of heat from the roof to the water is obtainable due to the fact that the water channels are in direct contact with the roofing materials.

Solar Pool Heating Manifolds

Patented injection moulded one piece manifolding system. Each manifold is bonded together with a high bond solvent cement to become the top and bottom header for the solar system. There are no grommets or inserted barbs as they are moulded as a "one piece" part therefore leakage does not occur due to grommet deterioration.

Key Benefits
Ease of assembly
Unrestricted water flow
Long life

Stainless steel brackets

Two types are used for either a metal roof or tiled roof. On a tiled roof, no tools are required for fixing, whilst a metal roof requires a drill and rivet gun or self tapping roofing screws.

Increased Swimming Season

The length of the home swimming season can be increased considerably without fuss at an economical price. The unique design of the heater adds a new dimension to outdoor entertainment. The system can be installed in a few hours by the average handyman, or your local distributor can arrange installation of the solar pool heating. Save on initial purchase, as all components of the system have been produced to the highest standards against a cost effective base. Don't forget, with our unique system you can extend the panel at any time with ease.

Solar Pool Heating Advantages

1. Cooling effect to the rooms below the solar panel.
2. Solar Absorber is not glued to your roof.
3. The absorber is made from environmentally friendly plastic.
4. Cost effective
5. No need for boost pumps in most standard installations. ( See assembly guide )
6. Ease of installation.
7. Comprehensive installation guide.

Required Absorber Area

It is recommended that a minimum of 75% of pool surface area should be installed to effectively extend the swimming season. Ideally, a shade free North-East to North-West aspect is required (southery orientation in the northern hemisphere), although lack of an ideal orientation can be compensated for by increasing the absorber area.

System Diagram

Water is pumped from the pool (in most cases your existing pool pump will suffice) to the bottom manifold

(1) up through the absorber pipes
(2) and into the top manifold
(3) where it is returned at a higher temperature to the pool. Correct flow rate and return fall is critical for an efficient system.