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Shademesh ziptrak blinds

Ziptrak Blinds

Easy Opperation

Ziptrak blinds are the solution to making the operation of big window and pergola blinds very quick and easy. Conventional spring-loaded blinds have to be pulled down and held against the tension of the springs while the operator struggles to do up the buckles or leather straps. This is time consuming and cumbersome.

  Visiontex ziptrak blinds
 Ziptrak blind graphite shademesh


The Ziptrak guide system has no ropes, no zips, no straps and no buckles. It's unique slotted sidetracks, between which the blind glides smoothly and easily up and down and stops where you want it, sets this blind system apart from any other.

Large porcelain shadeview 300 ziptrak blinds on corner post
Vistaweave ziptrak blinds


Featuring a wide choice of fabrics including popular clear and tinted PVC and various shade mesh solutions, the Ziptrak blind can provide shelter from the elements, provide UV protection and will complement any outdoor entertaining area, see links below for color samples.

Sandstorm ziptrak blinds with black trim & tracks
Bronze tinted PVC ziptrak blinds

Factory direct

Ziptrak Blinds are a stylish alternative to zippered edge cafe style blinds and its unique system is designed and manufactured in South Australia in a state of the art facility using the most up-to-date techniques available.

Interior vistaweave buttercream ziptrak blinds with horizontal seams
Grey tint ziptrak blind


Outdoor blinds are quite often installed on balconies, there are always occupational health and safety considerations in these areas, especially when there is a need to roll the blinds up and perhaps stand on some kind of step or ladder in the case of manual roll up zipper blinds, This is where Ziptrak gives you peace of mind as these blinds can be operated manually with a pull stick or even motorized for very high applications if need be.

Porcelain ziptrak blinds with paperbark trim & tracks
Vistaweave porcelain ziptrak blinds

Vistaweave color samples

Uniview color samples

Uniweave color samples

Solscape color samples

Visiontex color samples

ShadeView 220 color samples

ShadeView 243 color samples

Shadeview 300 color samples

Galaxy black ziptrack blind
Ziptrak post mounting options

Ziptrak tracking colors

Ziptrak trim colors



  Inside corner clear PVC ziptrak blinds
Black trimmed clear PVC ziptrak blinds

Central Locking

This fantastic innovation to the Ziptrak system will make operating Ziptrak blinds even easier....

Ziptrak Central Locking


Ziptrack blinds fully retracted
Black trim and track  clear PVC ziptrak blinds


Five year warranty on parts and labour.

Clear PVC ziptrak entrance blind
Large clear PVC ziptrak blinds  on sea front

Phone Quote

Take some rough measurements and phone (08) 82777444 for a quote over the phone.



Large graphite ziptrak blinds  half way retracted on the beach front
SolScape E1 Latte ziptrack blinds


Delivery Australia Wide


Safari shademesh ziptrak blind on lakes edge
Large graphite shadeview 300 ziptrak blinds


Cafe Blinds

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Large quarts ziptraks blinds on front veranda
Roller mechanism  mounts close up


Quartz ziptrak blinds with paper bark trim & track
Shadeview Quartz ZIPTRAK BLINDS
  Outside close up top ziptrak blind roller assembly
Close up track noched arould post bottom post bracket bolts
  View through Quartz shadeview 300 fabric ziptrak blinds
Close up base bar on decking
  Ziptrak blinds with over the roll uniline pelmets
Ziptrak blind above wall
  Interior view of ziptrak blinds top roller assembly and uniline over the roll pelmets